Working With Outpost

Outpost is well known for representing some of the best designed homes in the bay area. But these showcases don’t often start out like this. We pride ourselves on working with our buyers to uncover unique opportunities and help our clients realize their vision with our extensive remodeling experience and resources. Over the years, we have parlayed our relationships with other top agents to create a constant source of intel on new listings before they hit the market. Through our off-market networks, our buyer clients have the best access and exposure to the most exciting properties from fixers to estates.

Finding you the right home is a journey of discovery and together we will prioritize what is most important to you and we will chart out the best path toward your destination.

How It Works


Finding The Right Team

It takes a lot more than a few strokes on a keyboard with a Zillow search to find a great home. Finding the property is only half of the battle. In a competitive marketplace we make sure that our clients are in the best position to succeed on offer day. We have prefered lenders and mortgage brokers to approve you for a loan so you can write an offer with no loan contingency, so you can compete against cash offers. We have the best inspectors on hand, so we can be absolutely certain about the condition of the home before making an offer. We have long standing relationships with the agents in our market so we can gather the key intel on our competition to make our offers most appealing to the seller. Our primary focus is to look out for our client’s best interest, not to just conclude a transaction. We pride ourselves on building lifelong relationships with our clients through trust and mutual respect.

Strategy of the Winning Offer

The listing price doesnt always mean the home will sell at that price.

In a competitive market, a desirable home in Marin will likely trade above the listing price with multiple offers. So how do you determine what a competitive offer price is without grossly overpaying? Market knowledge is key to understanding the nuances of the comps to figure out the seller’s expectation for price. Secondly, it is essential to know the playing field.

How many offers are likely? Are the other offers non-contingent? Are there any conditions with the home that require further evaluation? Are there any key factors for the sellers besides price, for instance do they need a rent back or an extended close? Will the seller simply accept the highest offer or will they likely counter the top 3 offers? These are a few of the key elements that we consider when we strategize our strike price but it is our invaluable relationships with the listing agents that give us our greatest edge.



In today’s market many homes are being off-market which means they are sold privately through various agent networks and buyer portals online without ever going on the MLS. Some sellers choose to go this route for privacy, try to sell for the price they want without doing pre market preparations, or they want to test their price without the MLS counting days on market. Homes that are sold via the MLS have much wider exposure, public open houses and broker’s tours and are accessible through hundreds of real estate search providers like Zillow, Redfin, etc. Over the last few years the off-market approach has become a viable alternative to the MLS, in fact 40% of our business last year was buying and selling homes off-market. We are tapped into the local off-market opportunities through our various top producer affiliations such as Top Agent Network, Marin Platinum Group and Marin Power Team. In order to be in the know you have to be working with an agent that is dialed-in to this side of the market.

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