Often described as the Greenwich of Marin, Ross is a close-knit community with large, estate homes on big lots set amidst a beautiful natural landscape.


Often described as the Greenwich of Marin, Ross is a close-knit community with large, estate homes on big lots set amidst a beautiful natural landscape. Because there is so little density the landscape feels like the countryside with tree-covered hills, meandering creeks, and manicured lawns and gardens. Ross is located approximately 18 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge, has a population of under 3,000 residents and comprises 1.6 square miles. The charming downtown has a few popular restaurants, snack shops and storefronts that primarily serve the locals. The mail is delivered to the local post office as opposed to home delivery, so everyone interacts at the post office to connect and chat about local news. Ross Common, a large sprawling lawn area in downtown that is a popular place for kids sports, cultural events and for folks to meet, share a coffee or throw a frisbee. The Marin Art and Garden center is an 11 acre historical site in Ross that hosts weddings, tours and many activities in this beautiful nature preserve. Ross is an insular community where everyone knows everyone and the residents want to keep it that way. This East Coast style oasis feels like a throwback to a bygone era ala Norman Rockwell.







Our Favorite Things About Ross

  • A quick loop around Phoenix Lake with the family or a little Mt. Baldy action if you’re looking for a sweat!
  • Marche Aux Fleurs Thursday burger night is a hometown favorite.
  • The intimate Lagunitas Country Club is the place to be for swim and tennis.
  • Town Dinner is an annual event where neighbors gather together for dinner in the town square. The table decorations alone are worth seeing. 
  • Summer Concerts at the Marin Art and Garden Center are fun for the whole family.
  • Ross Garden Tour is held every two years as a fundraiser for Ross School, Getting an intimate look into the lavish gardens of Ross residents. 
  • Tony Tutto Pizza serves up handcrafted pizza by Tony himself with organic fresh ingredients.
  • Watching all the kindergarten kids play soccer on the Ross Field on Sunday mornings makes you realize you don’t miss the city anymore. 
  • The state-of-the-art Ross School is one of the main draws of the town from a real estate perspective. 
  • Halloween is “next level” on Shady Lane, where people drive from all over Marin to “trick or treat”


Ross Elementary K-8

Ross elementary school located downtown is the hub of the community. You will see all of your friends at drop-off and pick-up because their kids will all most likely go there as well. While the campus is state of the art with recent major renovations, it still has a Little House On The Prairie kind of feel because it is so intimate.

Real Estate Landscape

You will be hard-pressed to find a house in Ross for less than $2.5 million, the real estate here is some of the most expensive in Marin with large mansions on multi-acre properties with pools and tennis courts. According to Zillow, the average median price for a home in Ross is just shy of $3 million but you can find estates on the market in Ross that are north of $40 million. With so little inventory and families often passing along their historic estates to their relatives it is very important to work with a local agent who is well connected. More often than not these homes will never see the light of day on the MLS so you have to be in the “know” to get a great home in Ross. It is also important to note that the town is very strict with their building codes and design reviews, especially for homes close to downtown. The FAR for homes in Ross is 20% of the lot size, which is the strictest in Marin County. There is also a creek that runs through town which is prone to flood so best to be aware of the flood zone designations when you are touring properties.

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