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In today's market over 35% of our home sales happen off-market which means you won't see them on your phone or computer because they never hit the MLS. Often the most coveted properties are privately announced to a select group of top agents prior to going on the MLS and are then sold without ever reaching the primary market. Our team has a proven track record for uncovering hidden off-market gems for our exclusive buyer clients. As a top producing team with over half a billion dollar in sales, we utilize a variety of strategies to help our buyers get the opportunity to see these properties first. Whether it be homes that are announced through Top Agent Network, or from networking with other top producers, we make it our mission to be in the know and to get a first look.

Properties Sold Off-Market

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Off-Market Success Story

Sold $6,250,000

Even in an inventory constricted market when competition is fierce and overbidding the norm, opportunities can be found with proactive and strategic networking. Our clients, a young couple from the city, wanted to find a turn-key, resort-style home in Kentfield with a pool. They didn’t want to participate in the bidding wars but were willing to pay the seller's price for the right home. Tapping into our trusted and established relationships with other top agents we uncovered the gem they were looking for. A Cape Cod style shingle home being prepped to go on the market. We were the first ones to see it and eliminated the competition by acting quickly. The buyers were thrilled to find their dream home without having to compete with the general public.

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Meet the Team

Outpost is a top-performing, boutique real estate firm that is the culmination of founders Radhi Ahern and Scott Kalmbach’s 15-year partnership and over $650+ million in sales in San Francisco and Marin. At Outpost our signature style and distinctive marketing of well-designed homes deliver commanding prices for our clients. We parlay our extensive remodeling experience to turn ordinary homes into showcases. As members of the prestigious Top Agent Network in both San Francisco and Marin, we have direct access to top agents and qualified buyers. Our successful track record is built on creative expression, entrepreneurial ingenuity, and forward-thinking. Outpost is a symbol for these principles and a commitment to bring a modern perspective to an age-old industry. “Outpost” provides a vantage point to map out our client’s path forward, wherever that road may lead.

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