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Representing Marin County + San Francisco

Representing the most coveted properties in Marin with extraordinary results. Our signature style resonates with buyers resulting in record breaking sale prices. We curate each listing to appeal to our target audience so we can negotiate the highest possible price. 

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What we can do for your property

With a stroke of paint and installing new hardware we attract the right buyer for your home.

Success Stories
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Transforming Your Home for Top Dollar

In this market, turnkey, remodeled homes with great design details are selling for incredible prices and breaking new price per square foot records. Not many buyers these days have time to take on a fixer project. Good contractors are impossible to find and construction costs are at an all time high. But do not fret, if your home hasn’t recently been remodeled.  We have a tried and true formula for selecting strategic improvements that will transform your home. Many of the homes we have remodeled ourselves or sold for clients have been published in design magazines because we know how to deliver that signature look that is trending in our industry. Our real estate team including our staff designer, will customize a property preparation plan to upgrade your home so it shows its best and sells for a premium.

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How Does The Transformation Process Work?

Each presale home improvement plan we create is property specific depending on the condition of your home and the access that we have to make upgrades. After we have toured the property, we will put a project schedule and budget together. Once approved we will manage the entire project and coordinate the various subcontractors, select finishes, order materials and see that everything stays on track and on budget. The scope of work can vary from as little painting and staging to new hardwood floors, new landscaping, new kitchen countertops, new contemporary light fixtures, new hardware, bathroom vanities, tile and carpet replacement etc. We know which details will have the most impact on our audience. Our vendors give us preferred pricing because of the volume of business we give them and we pass along the savings to you. Our company can pay up front for the property upgrades and you can reimburse us, interest free, at the close of escrow or you can pay for them directly. Either way, our concierge approach to property preparation will take the burden off your shoulders. We will make your house shine by focusing on improvements that provide value to a buyer and a great return on your investment. 

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You Only Get One Chance To Make A First Impression. Make It Count.

All the marketing and exposure in the world will not sell a property for its highest value if the home looks tired, worn down and uninspiring. Don’t leave money on the table. When a home has the look and feel that it has recently been remodeled, even if it’s just cosmetics, the property photography will pop and the images will resonate with buyers on an emotional level when they see it on their smartphones and laptops. The “wow factor” they experience online will compel them to tour the property in person which is the ultimate goal. The homes that we have transformed have more buyers visits, more disclosure packages requested and more offers submitted then properties presented in an “AS IS” state. We have had great success with many clients who have spent $50,000-$150,000 on pre-sale property improvements resulting in offers ranging from $400,000-$2,500,0000 above the list price. We know our methodology works and we are extremely confident that you will recoup the costs and make a substantial profit on the investment made on the upgrades. 


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