Use Corona Cash to Make a Difference

Use Corona Cash to Make a Difference

Dear Friends, Family, Clients and Colleagues,

If the Government does provide households with a subsidy of $1,000 +/-, put your Corona Cash to good work to support local businesses that are suffering from the shelter in place ordinance.

If you can afford to share some or all of your allowance with a business that you normally support but are not able to during the crisis, it would go a long way to helping local businesses weather the storm. So many of the businesses that we frequent on a daily basis operate on a thin margin and having their doors closed for several weeks/months could literally force some business to close.

Here are some of the folks I am going to share our funds with….

Tammy’s Hair Salon - Linda has been cutting Scott’s kids hair since they were riding tricycles.

MV Car Wash - this delightful, hardworking crew has been cleaning up our auto-mess for years.

​​​​​​​Spot Care - dog grooming business has done a great job of detangling and beautifying our pups.

The Goods - my favorite place to shop for an anniversary or birthday present.

Wow Music Studios and Life Works - providing exceptional musical education and tutoring for kids throughout Marin.

Boyle Park Tennis - the pros at Boyle Park are not allowed to give tennis lessons during the quarantine and Scott’s serve has never looked better thanks to Frank.

Cucina S|A - countless dinners and ladies lunches have been enjoyed over the years.

​​​​​​​D&O Salon - Looking forward to buying a gift certificate for our amazing stylist.

Now Yoga - Home away from home! Grateful for the live streams but can’t wait to get back in the studio.

Bella Lux - One of our fav to go meals and catering- Lisa is the best!

Delarosa - An SF family fav, they are open for pick up/to-go!

Mamanoko and Village Sake - Family sushi nights just don’t get any better.

Other ideas- Your home cleaners, landscape maintenance, masseuses, dry cleaners, yoga studios, gyms, coffee shops, after school programs, local bar, nail salon, chiropractors, psychologists and therapists.

Buy a gift certificate, make a donation, write a yelp or google review and tip extra. Let’s get back to normal as soon as we can by giving back!!

We hope you are all staying healthy both physically and mentally! We are here to chat about any real estate needs or concerns and we wish you and your families the best during this turbulent time.

Our Best,

Scott, Radhi and Molly

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