Meet Molly Halstenson

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Meet Molly

Real Estate Advisor

Molly Halstenson knows both sides of the Golden Gate Bridge well. She grew up in Marin County, California, but has lived in San Francisco since 2013, contributing to a lifetime of local knowledge and a deep understanding of the Bay Area market. Having earned her B.A. from Sonoma State University, she is also familiar with the nuances of Wine Country properties. Molly’s dedication and strong work ethic ensure that all of her buyer and seller clients are represented with the utmost professionalism. With a keen eye for details, great interpersonal and communication skills, and a knack for client service, Molly keeps all the gears running smoothly.

Molly has always been interested in construction, architecture, and design, and shortly after graduating, she parlayed these passions into real estate. Initially, she learned the intricacies of the business on the marketing team in 2013, but she quickly earned her license and began selling. Her attention to detail gives her the creative ability to envision each property’s unique potential. This same skill set makes her a great fit for first-time homebuyers, investors, and developers alike, as Molly listens closely to each client’s particular needs and delivers the desired results.

Local market expertise and a sincere interest in people are key to Molly’s success. Her social and business connections constantly intertwine with her personal and professional life. She enjoys executing and managing new projects and endeavors, and her digital skills enable her to utilize a variety of online platforms to make transactions fast, smooth, and effortless.

When she’s unplugged from work, Molly spends time with her loved ones and remains active with running, hiking, yoga, and frequent ski trips to her cabin in Lake Tahoe.

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